I'm tired, Jim.

Sometimes, I suppose, it's just better to be alone.

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Ask away!

Jun 16

gabrielsaunteredvaguelydownwards said: Are you still alive?

I wish I wasn’t. 

jlmdemon said: If I remember correctly, Jim's body was never found, right? What would you do if you found out he was alive? Would you like, punch him and be pissed off that he never told you? And your opinion on Miss Adler?

It doesn’t matter what I’d fucking do! He’s dead— and if he wasn’t, I’d damn well make sure he was! He wasn’t lost at all— he shot himself on a roof. People came up and took the body away. I didn’t stick around to watch. End of story. 

Adler was some stupid bitch who got too involved and let her feelings win out. I do enjoy the fact that the detective really thought he saved her, though. 

wingsicle said: So it doesn't bother you, seeing Jim's face graffitied all over the walls of London, people battling out the Richard Brook/Jim Moriarty debate across the streets you walk every day? Have you ever thought about graffiting your own two cents about it?

People can fight how they please. Not like it matters at all, not like it means anything. I don’t feel like voicing my own opinion. Not when it won’t matter. Not when no one would listen. 

cosimablacks said: I'm so sorry for your loss, Sebastian. And I wanted to ask you, maybe to make you smile a bit, what did you like about Jim? Physically and mentally.

There was nothing physically attractive about him, really. His eyes are—were—nice. But it was the mental that dragged me in. First person to ever really put up a challenge for me. 

I just loved the way he thought. 

May 29

wingsicle said: Hello, Sebastian. A couple of questions. What would you do if Sherlock Holmes were to be found alive? And how do you feel about the Believe In Sherlock/Moriarty Was Real movement? Also, you should get a pet. Something finicky and restless and prone to ripping things to shreds, like an awfully tempered cat or something. It'll be a goddamn chore, but maybe a chore on top of the list would be... I don't know, good? Time consuming? Last question: do you have any photos of Jim?

If the detective turned out to be alive I’d do exactly what Jim told me to do if he didn’t die— kill his damned doctor. I’d probably end up killing Holmes too, but John Watson would be the real target. 

That whole movement…it makes me laugh, sort of. Knowing how close people are to the truth. I think Jim would have found it horribly amusing as well. 

I don’t really like animals. I’m more of a hunter and would probably end up killing anything.

Picture wise…nothing posed or purposeful. Mainly just security camera stills. He did enjoy smiling for an audience. 

eyelikeamagpie said: I suppose I was just wondering, because it seems to me like he'd prefer to have some measure of control over it, you know? Did you have any suspicions, when you found out he was taking a gun with him?

I gave him the gun. It was just supposed to be for protection, one of those ‘worse case scenarios’. Clearly it didn’t turn out that way.

…or rather, I did find out what the ‘worse case scenario’ was.  

May 19

eyelikeamagpie said: So, just out of interest, do you think he knew what he was going to do, even before he got onto the roof? Or do you think it was more of a... spur-of-the-moment, kind of thing?

I don’t know.

As close as I was to him and for how long I’ve been working for him, I still can’t read Jim entirely. I knew he had the gun, but I never would have thought…

I should have just realized he would do anything to win. It should have been obvious, but it wasn’t.

isntanact said: Oh. I'm sorry.

Don’t be. I don’t need anyone feeling sorry. 

May 12

isntanact said: What will....I mean, after the list is complete-- what will you do? Will you hire yourself off, again?

Not sure yet. I haven’t really decided on anything for the future. It just doesn’t seem all that… important anymore. 

May 10

eyelikeamagpie said: They say that the villains don't get happy endings, but if that's true, how do the stories begin in the first place? Hang in there, pet. You'll get there eventually.

Don’t call me pet. 

The stories begin because not everyone can be happy. Because at one point or another, something happen to someone that made them angry and hate and all that. It’s just how things work.

Why the hell do the endings matter when the book hasn’t even begun yet? 

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